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Milwaukee Replacement Windows

Window Repair, Replacement, & Installation for Southeastern Wisconsin Homes

Whether it's replacement windows for a historical Milwaukee home or a window installation for new construction in Brookfield, BGS Glass Service does it all. Many homeowners think a new window installation is the only option, but sometimes a glass replacement or window repair is all they need to make their home shine again.

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Milwaukee Replacement Windows for Energy Efficiency

Many Milwaukee homeowners choose window replacement to increase energy efficiency. Replacing drafty, old windows can significantly cut energy costs. Our window-replacement experts can assess your specific window repair needs to eliminate drafts.

Installing glass block windows in Wisconsin creates excellent energy efficiency and added security in your home. Our certified window glass installers are experienced in the installation of all types of windows, ensuring your new windows work properly.

Window Types Available For Installation

Lower Heating & Cooling Costs with Thermopane glass installed by BGS

BGS Glass Services install quality-crafted thermopane windows for your Wisconsin home. The term "thermopane" refers to double- or triple-paned windows, which are also known as insulated glass units (IGUs). The panes of glass are separated by spacers and sealed to protect the air pocket in between them. Often, the air pocket between the panes is filled with argon gas, which helps to reduce heat loss.

Thermopanes do an excellent job of insulating your home’s interior from the elements—whether it’s the steaming heat of August’s dog days or the frigid winds of February. An investment in double-glazed thermopane windows will pay off every time you open your monthly energy bill.

How Thermopane Windows Save You Money

Thermopane windows are the modern evolution of single-pane glass. In order to improve the insulating properties of single pane glass, homeowners used to install storm windows in the winter. Adding this second window pane created additional protection from outside elements. Thermopanes take this notion a step further by sealing insulating gases between the two panes. And, of course, the seal between the two layers of glass in a thermopane is much better than a storm window fitted over a window.

Thermopane windows use gases with low heat conductivity—the most common being Argon gas, which conducts 33% less heat than air. This reduction in heat transfer works both ways: your interior absorbs less heat from outdoors in the summer and it loses less interior heat in the winter. In turn, your heating and cooling systems don’t work as hard, and your energy costs are reduced.

Fogged Thermopane Window Repairs

Are your double-paned insulated windows fogged up? It's an easy fix for our Milwaukee window repair experts. A broken seal is usually the culprit, and besides causing fogging it can reduce your thermopane window's ability to insulate your home. Replacing the thermopane glass is all that's needed to remedy this.

Contact our Milwaukee window replacement experts today to assess your fogged window problem and start seeing clearly again.

Should You Repair or Replace Your Home's Old Windows?

The experts at BGS Glass will assess whether replacement is necessary for your Milwaukee home’s windows. There are many factors to determine if it is better to have your old windows repaired or if they should be replaced. Replacement nearly always depends on the extent of damage, but there are some things to consider:

  • Age of your current windows – if your home’s windows are original and are largely in good shape, repair may be the best option. However, if broken hardware replacements are impossible to find, replacement may be necessary.
  • Rotting frames – windows with rotting wood can be repaired if the troublesome areas are isolated. The more damage, the most likely you should replace it.
  • Pane condition – if the pane is just cracked or if there are multiple panes to the window, the repair is the best option. If they are single-paned vinyl windows, replacement is likely the best idea.
  • Seal effectiveness – drafty windows are a drain on your energy bill. While small drafts can be simply repaired, excessive drafts may require replacement.

Milwaukee Area Window Replacement Estimate

BGS Glass Service offers free replacement window glass estimates to assess your specific window needs and offer window glass cut to size. During your free window estimate, our glass experts will determine the best plan for repairing your windows. If window replacement is right for your Waukesha home, we offer a wide selection of window replacement options, from a single window to entire window systems.

Whether you are looking to replace the foggy glass in your living room picture window, a custom window replacement to increase your home’s curb appeal, or need a complete window installation from basement windows to bay windows, BGS Glass Service has options for every budget. We're servicing homes with window replacement across Southeastern Wisconsin, including in Greenfield, MilwaukeeNew Berlin and beyond.


Cost of Window Replacement in Milwaukee

BGS Glass Service is committed to providing your window replacement at an affordable cost. A typical window replacement can cost anywhere from $150 to $750 per window. There are several considerations that can affect the cost of window replacement.

Factors Affecting the Cost of Window Replacement:

  • Brand. High-end brands will cost more per window as they deliver superior results.
  • Window frame material. Whether your window frame is wood, vinyl or aluminum will affect the cost. Vinyl windows are typically the cheapest, wood frames are the most expensive.
  • Size of new windows. The bigger the window, the more the new window will cost.
  • Type of windows. A double-pane or double-hung window will cost more than a single pane window.
  • Glass type. A glazed or tinted window may add extra cost.
  • Energy efficiency. To save on energy bills, you have to pay more upfront during installation.
  • Complexity to install. The condition of your current windows and frames, whether cracked, rotted, or showing other signs of wear - may increase the complexity of the job.

To learn more about the pricing of your specific job, request a quote. 

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