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Glass Types From Milwaukee Glass Shop

Milwaukee Glass Shop for Window and Door Glass

BGS Glass Service is the glass repair, replacement and installation shop for all your glass needs. BGS Glass Service offers a variety of glass types in different glass thicknesses to meet all your glass needs from glass shower door enclosures to glass residential window replacement. We provide the glass types commonly used for tabletop glass, glass shelving, glass picture frames, and windows. Our extensive Milwaukee glass selection allows you to choose a glass thickness best for supporting the articles stored on your glass tabletops or glass shelving. A ¼” plate glass will easily support the ceramic trinkets on your glass shelving, whereas ¾” heavy glass would be ideal for supporting the stereo speakers on your glass table.

We can easily custom fabricate ¼” glass tabletops into shapes fitting any coffee table, nightstand, dresser, or credenza. Our Milwaukee glass experts will help you select the residential interior glass type unique to your environment.

While glass windows and picture frames generally require thin 3/32” glass panes, 1/8” double strength  glass is ideal for environments with large pets or children who might be prone to breaking windows or knocking over picture frames. BGS Glass Service’s expert glaziers will gladly assist you in choosing the glass type best complementing your glass table, glass shelving, glass picture frames, and home windows.

Glass Thickness Options

BGS Glass Service offers clear glass in many thicknesses, from 3/32" to 3/4". Below are the common uses for each glass thickness from replacement windows to shower enclosures to custom shelving and glass table tops. 

Glass Thickness Glass Uses
3/32": Single Strength (SS) Windows and Picture Frames
1/8": Double Strength (DS) Windows and Picture Frames
3/16": Plate Glass Windows, Shower Enclosures, and Small Table Tops
1/4": Plate Glass Shelving, Shower Enclosures, and Table Tops
3/8": Heavy Glass Shelving, Shower Enclosures, and Table Tops
1/2": Heavy Glass Shelving, Shower Enclosures, and Table Tops
3/4": Heavy Glass Shelving and Table Tops

Glass Types for Shower Door Glass Installation and Repair in Waukesha

BGS Glass Service provides various glass shower door options from 3/16” plate glass to ½” heavy glass. We offer the glass types for new glass shower door installation and shower glass replacement. Our extensive glass inventory provides the glass type for installation or replacement in any style of glass shower enclosure; from frameless glass shower doors, semi-frameless glass shower doors, to framed glass showers. We offer Wisconsin residents a spectrum glass shower door hardware, finishes, and trim options accentuating the type of shower glass you choose.

Our Waukesha shower door glass is available in a variety of finishes for personalizing your bathroom, including clear, smoked bronze and gray, and crystal and fluted textures. While clear Milwaukee shower door glass is always a stylish, traditional option, customers seeking increased bathroom privacy fancier décor appreciate our smoked or textured shower glass types. BGS Glass Service also carries shower door glass protectants to minimize damage caused by hard water, soap, and cleaning detergents on your glass shower enclosure. Our insulated shower doors eliminate fog and condensation on new and existing glass shower doors in Wisconsin homes.

From custom glass shower door manufacturing in Milwaukee to Kenosha glass window installation or replacement, BGS Glass Service offers the best glass options for increased privacy, bathroom décor and residential window repair.

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BGS Glass service is the best local glass shop for all your glazing needs. BGS Glass Service offers a variety of glass types in different thicknesses to meet all your glass requirements; from Waukesha glass shower door enclosures to Milwaukee home window replacement. For all your Southeastern WI glass needs, choose BGS Glass Service in Waukesha; we're the Wisconsin glass experts. For quality Waukesha shower door glass installations, home window replacements and repair, or anything commercial or residential glass related, Call BGS Glass Service.

Contact BGS Glass Service Waukesha at 262.513.2806 for all your Milwaukee replacement windows, doors, glass shower doors, and custom cut glass and mirror needs in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, and throughout Southeastern Wisconsin