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Milwaukee Area Shower Glass - Frameless Glass Shower Doors

Glass Types Available for Frameless Shower Doors

  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Master Carre
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Grey Tint
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Bronze Tint
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Krystal Frost
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Pattern 62
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Krystal Rain
  • Stormy Patterned Glass
    Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Stormy

Custom Frameless Shower Door



Frameless Glass Shower Door Installation: Sliding, Hinged & Pivot, Folding

BGS Glass in Waukesha provides the greater Milwaukee area with a wide range of shower glass door options. Frameless shower doors are designed for a minimalist look yet they are constructed for maximum durability. The frameless style is currently the most popular and can be adapted to fit into your current shower set up. We sell or custom cut pivot shower doors, or sliding doors tailored to your bathroom needs. 

Our hinged frameless shower doors are designed with thick tempered glass to ensure long-lasting durability and a high-quality look. We are committed to providing the highest level of customer service and the best quality materials. With over 45 years of experience in the glass installation industry, BGS Glass has the frameless glass shower door installers Milwaukee relies on for cost-efficient service.

Frameless shower doors create an open appearance, transforming your bathroom into a stunning personal retreat. Update your bathroom décor with a custom-designed frameless glass shower door and save money on costly renovations or time-consuming construction. Our extensive shower door inventory includes a variety of glass, trim, and finish options so you can find or design the best glass shower door for your bathroom. 


Frameless shower door installations make your bathroom feel more open


Frameless glass shower doors are custom made to your design


Frameless glass doors are completely customizable to fit your bathroom style, ensure a perfect fit, and prevent leakage. Get the unique look you want with expert design and installation.

frameless glass shower doors feel more open

Private but Free

No curtains and fewer metal trimmings means you're able to shower with more space. The tint and texture of the glass you choose determine the visibility from either side of the shower door. 

frameless glass shower doors are modern and have a minimalistic desgin

Modern Aesthetic

What is close to invisible yet highly noticeable? A perfect-fitting frameless glass shower door! Upgrade your style with quality construction and design from the glass experts at BGS.

framless glass shower door installers know that they reduce mold and mildew

Reduce Mold and Mildew

Frameless shower doors have fewer crevices and nooks provided from fixtures and excess silicone seals, so mold and mildew have little to no space to thrive in.

a frameless glass shower door installation reduces rust and corrosion

Eliminate Rust and Corrosion

With fewer metal hinges, trimmings, and fixtures in the design of a frameless shower door, stains from rust and corrosion won't have to be cleaned up from the grout. Not to mention the lack of decay on the shower doors, which do not regular cleaning. 





Modern frameless glass shower door installation in Milwaukee

Shower Door Features

  • Custom Designed
  • 3/8” or 1/2" Thick Tempered Glass
  • Self-centering 180-degree hinges
  • The finest quality hardware
  • An extensive variety of finish colors
  • Beautiful glass patterns
  • Durable construction
  • Smooth opening and closing
  • Easy to clean
  • Effortless maintenance

Waukesha frameless hower door installation

Shower Glass Options

  • Clear Glass
  • Glue Chip
  • Rain
  • Acid Etch
  • Bubble
  • Obscure
  • Flame
  • Grey Tint
  • Bronze Tint
  • Low-Iron Opti-White

See our Shower Doors page for finishes.

custom bathroom shower door installation in Milwaukee

Frameless Glass Showers by BGS Glass

BGS will add a contemporary and modern style to your bathroom remodel with frameless shower door installations. Frameless showers are a perfect custom solution to brightening your bathroom with easy-to-clean durable glass panes.

With a variety of glass options and textures, as well as a wide array of shower hardware options, BGS Glass installers have just what you need to transform your bathroom into a place of relaxing retreat.

Our consultants, designers and installation specialists will give you an elegant bathroom you will be excited to show all your visitors. BGS will work with you to create a custom-built shower.


Wisconsin Based Window, Door, Glass Shower Door, and Mirror Showroom

BGS Glass Showroom displays frameless shower doors

Online "window shopping" is fine to get some initial ideas and inspiration, but we suggest you stop by the BGS Glass Service Window and Door showroom located in Waukesha, WI for a clear look at our fine quality glass products. You'll be able to browse a large variety of shower door glass and finish styles, mirrors, and windows. To make your glass-buying experience as easy as possible, our Waukesha glass specialists are on hand to help find the best glass solution for you.

Cost of Frameless Glass Shower Door Installation

Frameless glass shower door installation typically costs between $900 and $1,300. Several considerations can affect the price of your new shower door.

Cost Factors for Frameless Glass Shower Door

  • Opening Style. You'll choose between a pivoting door, bi-fold shower doors, sliding doors, rounded doors, or a partial tub enclosure. Each unique style bears a unique cost.
  • Glass Type. A textured glass shower door may cost more than a clear glass shower door.

For more information on the price of frameless glass shower door installation for your specific project, request a quote.

Contact BGS Glass Services online or at 262-513-2806, for your next frameless glass shower door installation or repair.


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