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Premier Double Hung Window Installations In the Southeast Wisconsin Area

Double Hung Windows for Wisconsin Homes

BGS Glass Service is a respected firm that excels in double-hung window installation, maintenance, and replacement. We provide premium glass services for your Milwaukee home. We are dedicated to meeting all of our client's needs and will do whatever is necessary to provide you with the best double-hung window installation in Southeast Wisconsin.

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Trusted Window Installation

BGS Glass focuses on providing window installation services, leveraging our expertise in frames, sashes, and glazing techniques. We provide an installation of windows that gives sufficient natural light, greater insulation, and improved energy efficiency by using exact measurements and careful installation. By using BGS Glass, you will enjoy the advantages of skillfully installed windows while also saving money on energy bills.

Experience Effortless Window Replacements

Our window replacement solutions cover a wide range of options for rejuvenating your space. Our crew thoroughly inspects your current windows, looking for signs of wear, rotting, or inefficiency. We dismantle the old windows and replace them with excellent replacements, employing cutting-edge techniques for optimal insulation, sound reduction, and improved thermal performance. You can rest assured knowing that BGS Glass will enhance your environment, providing long-lasting elegance, comfort, and energy savings.

Reliable Double-Hung Window Repair

Our double-hung window repair services are unmatched in restoring the functionality and beauty of your windows. Our team adeptly addresses common issues such as sash misalignment, broken balances, and worn-out weatherstripping, ensuring smooth operation and improved energy efficiency. We replace damaged or fogged glass panes, eliminating drafts and restoring clarity to your windows. Trust BGS Glass for double-hung window repairs that enhance the performance and longevity of your units.

Double Hung Window Installation & Replacement in Southeast Wisconsin

Types of Double-Hung Windows

Strengths and Weaknesses of Double-Hung Windows

Advantages Disadvantages
Easy Maintenance Obstructed View
Versatile Ventilation Potential Air Leaks
Increase in Energy Efficiency Restricted Opening Size

Building Blocks of Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung windows are made up of materials known for their durability, aesthetics, and performance characteristics. Some examples of such materials are:

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