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Milwaukee Commercial Glass Interiors

glass wall partition installations in Milwaukee

Glass Office Walls and Glass Wall Partitions for Milwaukee Businesses

Glass Wall Partition Doors

Waukesha’s BGS Glass Services has partnered with many of your favorite Southeastern Wisconsin businesses and public spaces to create amazing commercial space interiors utilizing commercial glass dividers, commercial glass walls, and commercial glass doors.

Partner with BGS Glass Services for your Milwaukee area commercial glass installation needs.  Commercial glass can partition spaces within an office or business while still keeping an open-air feel due to light and visual penetration. Commercial glass installations for your Milwaukee storefront can showcase your products and services in an easy way while creating a modern and inviting appeal for your customers, clients, and prospective business partners.

Perhaps you already utilize glass in your commercial business and are having difficulty with a consistently cracking pane of glass or a glass door which never closes tightly.  BGS Glass Services of Waukesha is here for all of your commercial glass replacement needs.  BGS Glass Services offers high-quality replacement commercial glass for all areas and businesses in Southeastern Wisconsin. BGS Glass Service was called in to replace a commercial glass pane in the Milwaukee Public Library. With little disturbance to the quiet library, BGS Glass Service was able to replace the pane with a custom commercial glass replacement. The glass replacement specialists did the job with ease, removing the broken pane and disposing of it properly and safely.



Typical Applications for Our Interior Glass Wall Partitions and Glass Dividers

open offices and businesses use glass wall partitions for conference rooms


Businesses like yours plan on expanding and growing. Commercial glass partitions not only reduce expansion overhead, but they also make your place of business appear bigger, modern, and more open.

Health clubs in Wisconsin use glass walls for an open feeling

Health Clubs

Health clubs and gyms offer the convenience of mobility and exercise, indoors. The openness of glass wall partitions allows your customers to breathe at ease and see all the amenities that your health club provide, while also lowering the volume of any equipment in use.

retail stores use glass wall partitions for modern displays

Retail Stores

Stores that want to provide a sense of openness to their clients will often use glass wall partitions to segment certain parts of their stores, without creating a sense of claustrophobia.

Individual glass panels are often used for branding or displaying manufacturer's logos and displays. 

Glass wall installations in car dealerships

Car Dealerships

Car dealerships showrooms are purposefully open in order to display the freedom that their vehicles provide for drivers. Car dealerships often have to adapt to growth in sales personnel, customers, and new automobile inventory.

To adapt quickly, glass walls partitions are used to:

  • Lower construction cost
  • Create sound privacy rooms for the automobile contract signing
  • Provide ample natural light
  • Provide a sense of trust and openness between the dealer staff and customers

glass wall partitions for home offices

Residential Homes

Modern homes and houses that need ampler natural light are more commonly integrating glass wall dividers and glass wall partitions in their design. 

With the gig economy creating new jobs and other sources of income, many homeowners are now working from home more often than ever before. These glass wall partitions create a seamless and subtle transition from home and work while eliminating the need for costly construction.

Cultural buildings use glass wall conference rooms for group organizing

Cultural Buildings

Cultural buildings like places of worship, museums, clubs, and event spaces often use glass wall partitions to easily communicate with other individuals while still having a private conversation.

The openness aesthetic of the glass dividers allows for anyone to feel as though they are not in an enclosed room, but rather as an extension of the building itself.


Benefits of Having Glass Walls at Your Property

Glass wall partitions allow more light to be in your business

Natural Light

With glass wall partitions, you can cut down on your business's electricity bill by taking advantage of natural light. Not only will your place of business feel brighter, but it will also boost the morale of your team's working environment.

glass wall dividers have a mdoern and uplifitng aesthetic


Interior glass walls and dividers, don't scream aesthetics, they look it. Glass walls have a modern and forward-thinking aesthetic that not only employees feel, but your clients see as well. When you have clients at your place of business, they want to feel as though you are moving them forward as a thought leader.

glass wall dividers are a lower cost to expesnive wall partitions

Lower Costs

As a replacement for costly and time-consuming drywall partitions and rooms, these glass wall partitions can adapt to your commercial landscape.

As your business expands, so can glass wall dividers parallel your growth with new offices, conference rooms, recreation rooms, or for client lounge rooms.

The added benefit is that you never have to paint a glass wall to refresh the paint, you can just wipe it clean.

glass wall partitions can create semi-private rooms that block sound


Whether you have an open office set up or are adding more square footage to your current business there will be sound and there will be a need for privacy. White noise speaker systems complement an environment where noise and sound are expected. But there is a time when you need to communicate privately without additional noise.

Glass wall partitions are strong and dense enough to cut the rate of acoustic noise for important conversations. 

easily brand your glass wall partitions with custom vinyls


Branding is an important extension of a business. With glass walls and glass dividers, you are able to easily display the branding or logo of your company, titles of executives, or other important information. Glass walls can either be permanently etched, or placed with custom made semi-permanent adhesive vinyl.  

glass wall conference room and partition installations allow for employees to trust management easier


Commercial glass interiors can have a variety of textures and styles. They can be tinted, frosted or clear for additional privacy. However, they do provide a sense of openness, trust, and comfort that can augment your company culture. With clear glass walls, there is a sense of trust as everything can be seen. This sense of honesty is essential for potential customers entering your place of business or for the morale of your employees.


We Don't Cut Corners, Just Glass

Blueprint of glass door installation

As the glass wall partition installers of the Milwaukee area, we work in a wide range of settings. Whether you’re looking for interior glass walls for homes or reliable interior office glass wall systems, we can create a solution that perfectly fits your space. Our glass doors come with many options for hinge, door-pull and locking mechanism hardware. BGS Glass also can arrange shipment of glass systems throughout the U.S. and install them throughout Chicagoland.

Turn your Milwaukee area commercial space into a functional and beautiful location with quality commercial interior glass installation and commercial glass door installations from BGS Glass Service.  Our glass installation professionals have the commercial glass replacement and installation experience and talent to make your business truly unique and appealing.


Commercial Interior Glass Sliding Doors

Milwaukee glazed glass

Update the look of your office space with modern glass interior doors. Choose from frameless glass sliding doors and glass walls to conference room glass doors, we offer a variety of glass styles to match any interior. Our expert glaziers will work with you to design the exact size and style of your interior glass needs. Interior sliding doors give you the open “see-through” office look while allowing privacy for meetings, interviews and more.


Our wide range of glass types and styles include:

  • Patterned glass 
  • Textured glass
  • Tinted glass
  • Frosted glass
  • Reflective glass
  • Satin glass 
  • Clear glass
  • Tempered glass 
  • Acoustic glass
  • Energy-efficient glass
  • And more


Contact BGS Glass Service today to learn how we can help transform your commercial space into a beautiful and functional location with quality commercial glass and door installation services.




Contact BGS Glass Services online or call 262-513-2806, for your next glass office wall installation.
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