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Custom Cut Safety Glass professionally installed by the experts at BGS

Tempered Glass Cut to Size and Installed by BGS

Tempered glass is created when glass is heated and quickly cooled, contracting the glass and dramatically hardening the surface. The resulting surface tension, combined with the tensile stresses of the glass body causes broken tempered glass to break into small, dull granular chunks, greatly reducing the possibility of injury. In contrast, standard annealed glass possesses minute surface cracks, which create sharp pieces when broken.

BGS cuts and installs tempered glass for everything from master bathroom shower doors to corner store display windows. Homeowners and business owners alike get the highest quality designs, durable installations, and complete repair services for toughened safety glass when they call BGS Glass Services, Inc.

Custom Cut Tempered GlassResidential and Commercial Safety Glass Services in Southeast WI

Safety glass is thermally and chemically treated to reduce the physical danger to humans when glass is broken and is recommended for most residential and commercial glass applications.

BGS specializes in safety glass design, cutting, installation, and repair for homes and businesses throughout southeast Wisconsin. Updating an older home or business with safety glass is not only a good way to lessen the chance of serious injury if someone falls into a glass window or door, but it can also reduce your energy costs.

Safety glass is usually separated into three different types: tempered glass, laminated glass, and wire mesh glass. Any of these three types can be combined to create a safety glass type with multiple safety characteristics.

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Laminated Glass Windows and Doors

Laminated glass allows structural integrity to be maintained after impact with the glass. Instead of breaking into pieces upon impact, the lamination creates concentric circular patterned cracks similar to spider webs and stays largely intact.

An interlayer of polyvinyl between two layers of glass bonds the glass together, preventing shards of glass from separating and causing injury. The interlayer also enhances the window’s ability to block UV radiation and improves sound insulation.

Residential skylights and automobile windshields are common uses for laminated safety glass. Commercial storefronts commonly employ laminated glass to keep windows intact in case of vandalism.

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Wire Mesh Glass

Wire mesh glass has a grid of thin wire integrated into the glass itself. Wire glass is often found inside institutional buildings but has fallen out of favor since laminated and tempered glass technologies were developed. Wire mesh glass has the advantage of being fire-resistant, due to the wire’s higher heat tolerance, which keeps the glass pane in place during fires. For this reason, its most common use remains for skylights and windows in institutional buildings where fire partitioning is desired.

Plexiglass and Lexan also Available

Custom cut acrylics, Plexiglas and other polycarbonate sheets are available as durable alternatives to the safety glass options at BGS. Bullet-resistant enclosures and storefronts are professionally installed by our experts throughout Milwaukee and Waukesha. We’ll help you select the best plastic-type for your window.

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