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Custom Cut Glass for Shelving & Cabinets

Glass Shelves and Cabinet Replacement Glass From The Experts at BGS 

Broken Cabinet Glass

BGS Glass Services has a wide range of glass types and thicknesses for cabinet glass replacement and installation in Milwaukee. Whether you want replacement frosted cabinet glass in your curio cabinet or your corner cabinetry needs 1/4 inch tempered glass shelves, BGS Glass has the experience, skilled staff and prices you’re looking for.

BGS has a wide range of glass types to give your cabinets the look you want. If you’re going for a sleek and modern look in your kitchen, you can get a Satin Deco Acid Etch glass pane. Want a more rustic look for your china hutch glass? You could consider our Oak Pattern Glass. We have what you need.


There are many factors to consider when determining the appropriate glass thickness for your needs. Chief among them is assessing how much weight the shelf will be required to hold. The shelves’ dimensions, coupled with the width between its supports and the glass’s thickness will greatly affect the shelves support weight.  Another factor is the type of glass used.

For instance, a 24” x 6” shelf with 3/16” tempered glass and supports at each end should be able to support approximately 40 lbs.

In contrast, a shelf with the same dimensions and span between supports, but made with annealed glass at greater ¼” thickness, will struggle to hold 16 lbs.


Our glass installation experts will take the guesswork out of getting the right glass shelves for your application. We have generations of experience and understand the formula for getting you the best glass shelves to fit your needs.

Contact BGS Glass Services online or at 262-513-2806, for commercial glazing and glass installation.
German New Antique Glass
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - German New Antique GNA0189
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Single Glue Chip ZDR100
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Double Glue Chip ZDR100D
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Moss W01M
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Seedy W01S
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Seville W01SV
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Florentine W01FL
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Granite W01G
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Hammered W01H
Wissmach Figure C Glass
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Figure C W01FC
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Dewdrop W01D
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Vegla Silvit GL178
Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Madera GL176