Polycarbonate, Plexiglass, & Acrylic Sheets and Bullet-Resistant Glass

Acrylic plastic window installationInstall Durable Glass Alternatives in Your Business

BGS Glass Service offers a full range of polycarbonate sheets and other plastics materials for your specific Waukesha glass system installations. The name LEXAN has been synonymous with high-strength, durability, and clarity for many decades and it is available for purchase through BGS Glass Service.

Glass Replacement Installation to Protect Against Vandalism

Troublesome vandals? Polycarbonate (known popularly by the brand name "Plexiglas") and acrylic are a high-quality way to cut down on broken windows in Milwaukee. Because of its high-impact durability, polycarbonate is also and ideal bullet-resistant option for retail outlets in high-crime Milwaukee areas. Repair your broken windows with acrylic to protect against vandalism to your Milwaukee storefront.

Milwaukee Area Bullet-Resistant Glass Installation

Protect your store employees with bullet-resistant glass enclosures built by BGS Glass Service. Bullet-resistant glass deters robberies and gives your workers a safe place to retreat in an emergency.

BGS Glass Service in Waukesha can order and install polycarbonates, including bullet-resistant material, in any type of application.

Contact BGS Glass Service today to speak to one of our professional Milwaukee area glass installers about the right polycarbonates to fit your needs.

Acrylic Plastics

Acrylic plastics, often referred to by familiar trade names like PlexiGlas and Acrylite, is strong, lightweight, and more resistant to impact than standard glass. It’s highly weather and chemical-resistant, and it is available in a variety of sizes, shapes, and textures.

Typical Milwaukee Acrylic Plastics Applications:

  • Point-of-Purchase displays (POP)
  • Window and architectural glazing
  • Boat parts
  • Signs and exhibits
  • Lighting diffusers and skylights
  • Sporting goods
  • Picture framing

Acrylic Plastics – Sheet

  • Colors and Textures – Acrylic plastic sheets are available in clear, translucent, and fluorescent colors, opaque colors, and a variety of surface textures.
  • Acrylic Plastic Sheet Sizes - Standard sheets sizes range from 48×96″ to 72×120″, with thicknesses ranging from .030 inches to four inches. Custom thicknesses and sheet sizes are available depending on order size.
    BGS Glass Service has access to many specialty versions with features such as enhanced UV filtering, UV transparency, increased abrasion resistance, and increased impact resistance for custom ordering.

Customers may order sheets cut to size, to maximize yield and keep your costs down.

clear plexiglass colored plexiglass Acrylic and Plexiglass for Commercial Businesses

Acrylic Plastics – Mirror

Customers choose acrylic mirror over glass for its light weight and ease of installation. BGS Glass Service Waukesha can get you acrylic mirrors.

Polycarbonate Sheets

Tough and durable, polycarbonate sheets are usually associated with applications requiring high impact or repeated use.

Significantly stronger than plate glass, acrylic/polycarbonate sheets are a lightweight, economical glazing material that provides increased protection against high traffic use, vandalism and theft.

Used extensively in architectural applications, polycarbonate sheets are energy efficient, due to its excellent insulating qualities, when compared to glass of equal thickness. Polycarbonate allows up to 90 percent transmittance of solar energy and 88 percent of visible light. 

Sign grade polycarbonate is specially formulated to provide excellent resistance to the weathering effects of prolonged exposure to the sun. Along with its high impact characteristics, polycarbonate is a good choice for outdoor, high use sign applications.

In security applications, polycarbonate laminates provide proven resistance to both physical and ballistic attacks. A variety of polycarbonate, and polycarbonate/acrylic, configurations offer different levels of protection ranging from containment up to UL Level 3 bullet resistance.

Polycarbonate is more dimensionally stable than acrylic over a wide temperature range. And, compared to acrylic, it is only slightly less transparent. Standard polycarbonate doesn’t weather well over time but additives and coatings can be incorporated to significantly increase the durability of the polycarbonate.

Because of polycarbonate’s surface is soft, compared to acrylic, polycarbonate sheets are more prone to scratching. Abrasion-resistant coatings can be added to polycarbonate sheets to significantly reduce the shortcoming of the polycarbonate.

Polycarbonate glass door installation

Typical Milwaukee Polycarbonate Applications

Polycarbonate sheets are used for such applications as:

  • Machine guards
  • Light lenses
  • Signs
  • Resistant glazing
  • Window and architectural glazing
  • Bus shelters and mass transit applications
  • Doors
  • Food applications (FDA-grade)
  • Race Car Windshields
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Polycarbonate Sheet Sizes – Polycarbonate sheets range in thicknesses from .040-inch to 6 inches. Thicknesses of .040-inch are available in 24-by-48 inch sheets. Above this thickness, a variety of sizes are available from 48 by 96 inches to 72 by 120 inches.

Polycarbonate Sheet Colors – Polycarbonate sheets are available in clear, bronze tint, gray tint, white opaque, and black.

Specialty Polycarbonate Sheets – BGS Glass Service Waukesha has access to polycarbonate sheets in FDA-compliant, as well as machine and containment grades. BGS Glass Service Waukesha also has access to bullet-resistant and abrasion-resistant polycarbonate sheets. Polycarbonate mirror is available for high impact environments throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.

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