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Whether you are remodeling your entire bathroom or simply looking to update the look with some simple additions, a new Milwaukee shower door from BGS Glass Service is sure to brighten your bathing space. BGS Glass Service is your local expert in framed shower doors, frameless shower doors, and semi-frameless shower doors for homes in Southeastern Wisconsin. With the ability to customize the size, color, texture and hardware of your Milwaukee home's shower door, you can trust BGS Glass Services to get the job done correctly. BGS Glass Service’s custom shower door designers help you decide on the perfect shower door for your bathroom space. Even if you’re installing a glass shower door in a curtained bathing enclosure, BGS Glass Service will customize your new door to perfectly fit. We also offer various textures to enhance privacy, lighting and cleaning.  No matter your tastes, BGS Glass Service is sure to please with so many options for your Waukesha shower doors.

Splendor Shower Door Catalog 2016

Splendor Catalog

Check out the Splendor Catalog of framed and semi-frameless shower doors. Splendor has five categories of shower doors making your Milwaukee Shower Door remodeling project planning simple.

Splendor’s Catalog has full descriptions of each series and shows all of your Milwaukee semi-frameless shower doors and framed shower door options, from glass design to edging colors.

BGS Glass Shower Door Catalog 2016

BGS Glass Service Shower Door Catalog

BGS Glass Service of Waukesha offers many options for your framed, frameless and semi-frameless shower door needs. No matter the size or shape of the door, BGS Glass Services has the tools and quality products to make your Milwaukee shower doors operate smoothly while fitting in with your bathroom design. BGS Glass Service’s shower door design experts will help you with choosing glass styles, hardware and finishes, making your  bathroom the envy of your Waukesha neighborhood. BGS Glass Service also offers Clear Shield technology for our custom shower doors. Clear Shield is a protective coating applied to your shower door designed to keep your glass cleaner and clearer. Learn more about our clear shield options in this catalog. Less work keeping your glass enclosure clean means more time to enjoy the things you love in life.


Contact the Milwaukee shower door installation experts at BGS Glass Services today to learn more about your Milwaukee glass shower door options.