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Waukesha Shower Glass - Framed Glass Shower Doors

Glass Types Available for Framed Shower Doors

  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Solar Cool Bronze
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Pattern 62
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Rain
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Matelux
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Grey Tint
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Master Carre
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Reeded
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Oak Leaf
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Everglade
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Aquatex
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Autumn
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Flemish
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Greylite 14
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Glue Chip
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Taffetta
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Chinchilla

Kenosha Framed Shower Door Installation Services

Framed Shower Door


BGS Glass offers a variety of shower door glass. The Framed Series adds a touch of contemporary styling, coupled with our high standards in quality and performance. You can choose from a variety of styles and options to best suit your bathroom’s specific look, feel, and needs. Find a unique combination of glass patterns and trim options to custom design the perfect framed glass shower door to fit your bathroom decor.

When you think of glass showers, what you may see in your head is a framed shower door. This means every pane of glass is held together by a metal frame, giving it sturdiness and reliability. BGS glass does custom glass shower installation in Milwaukee homes, and is proud to offer all of Wisconsin quality framed shower doors for a visually appealing bathroom remodeling environment.

BGS Glass provides a level of service only found in a family owned and operated business. Our dedication to customer satisfaction, high quality materials, and affordable installation is what makes us the best in the shower glass door installation industry. With over 45 years of experience and a huge variety of options, BGS Glass is your go to resource for beautiful, cost-efficient Waukesha framed glass shower doors.

Waukesha Framed Shower Door Features:Framed Glass Showers from BGS Glass

Sliding Doors: 

  • Reversible Header with Jamb  
  • Clear Towel Bar Brackets and Pull Knobs

Hinged Doors:

  • Low Profile Shower Door Handle
  • Unique Magnetic Closing System
  • Premier Hinge with Contemporary Rails

Shower Door Design Options at BGS Glass:

Glass Door Options

  • Glue Chip
  • Flame
  • Bronze Tint
  • Acid Etch
  • Aquatex

More Glass Options

  • Grey Tint
  • Autumn
  • Flemish
  • Rain
  • Obscure

Door Trim Options

  • Silver
  • Gold
  • Platinum
  • Brushed Nickel
  • Dark Bronze

BGS Shower Door Installers

Our framed shower door inventory ensures you can find the perfect addition to your bathroom. Sliding shower door options are equipped with a reversible header, stay clean guide system, and convenience towel bar brackets and pull knobs. Our hinged door framed shower door options come with a low profile handle, innovative magnet closing system, and a unique hinge with contemporary rails for aesthetic appeal. Whether you are looking for a beautiful sliding framed shower door or a striking hinged framed door, both choices come with a wide variety of glass and door trim options. Let the Milwaukee area glass door experts at BGS Glass Service help you find the perfect shower door addition for your bathroom.

Shower Door Installation Options at BGS

If fully framed in showers aren't your style, BGS Glass Services also offers the best in custom frameless glass shower doors and semi-frameless doors  for your Waukesha bathroom remodeling project. We are proud to offer many glass options to complete your shower remodeling design. Our showers come in 3/8” or ½” quality tempered glass with a variety of hardware textures including polished, brushed and antique metal finishes.  


Contact the Wauwatosa shower door installers at BGS Glass for custom cut shower glass and quality Waukesha shower glass door installation services today!
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