Frameless Neo-Angle w/Half Walls: 3/8 inch Clear Glass/ Chrome Hardware/ with Header installed in Little Prairie

Little Prairie Frameless Glass Shower Door Remodel

BGS Glass’ Little Prairie frameless glass shower door professionals designed a half wall 2/3 neo-angled enclosure using 3/8 inch tempered clear glass in the master bathroom. All BGS Glass Little Prairie frameless shower doors are made with tempered glass, meaning if the door happens to break it will never shatter into sharp shards. We Install 180 degree self-centering hinges in all glass shower doors are which are designed to prevent your  shower door from slamming shut. Safety is always a priority for BGS Glass’ Waukesha shower door designers when installing new shower doors. Let BGS Glass Little Prairie install a functional and safe frameless glass shower door in your house.

Contact the frameless glass shower door experts at BGS Glass to design a new shower door for your bathroom. You can also call us at 262-513-2806.