Protective Barriers for Essential Workers

Plastic Barriers: A Quick Cut and Installation for Health Protection Plexiglass barriers & sneeze guards

BGS has been providing plexiglass and bullet-proof glass for years. During the current coronavirus crisis, we happily offer our services to essential businesses that our community is counting on during this uncertain time. It is critical that we protect our essential workers and the customers they serve. Putting up a barrier can greatly reduce the spread of infection, and the stress of public interaction. We're happy to tailor our current business practices to meet this new demand and keep Wisconsinites safe. 

Installing Glass Shields to Prevent Germ Spread 

We custom cut glass, acrylic, or plexiglass to fit your worker's station. Our materials can be designed to allow installation of a window speaker so that our grocers, tellers, and receptionists are able to perform their important duties while remaining protected.  

Sneeze Guards for Cashier Stations & Check Out Counters

Do whatever you can to protect your workers and customers. We will measure the area you need protected and cut a glass or plastic barrier that fits, followed by quick installation. 

 Wash your hands, stay inside, be kind to essential workers, and support local. We're in this together.  

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