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Pewaukee Semi-Framless Shower Door Installation:1/4 inch Custom Etched Glass/ Brushed Nickel

The professional Waukesha shower door installers at BGS Glass were hired to replace a shower curtain in this Pewaukee bathroom.  A Pewaukee semi-frameless door and panel was custom fit to the bathtub/shower enclosure, ridding the homeowner of a shower curtain and giving them a more useful and elegant space.  The professional shower door installation included a semi-frameless shower door and custom fit glass panel both consisting of ¼” etched glass.  Decorative, custom details were added to the corners of the glass adding a touch of beauty to this shower door enclosure while maintaining privacy.  Three tubular towel bars were fastened through holes in the glass adding useful space.  The Pewaukee semi-frameless door closes with a high energy magnetic closing system and has a clear splash plate keeping the bathroom floor free of water.  BGS Glass’ Waukesha shower door designers and installers were able to revitalize this Pewaukee bathroom.

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