Waukesha Custom Glass Wall

Custom Interior Glass Installation for Waukesha Home

Custom glass railing installation in Waukesha, WI home features an elegant handcrafted wood trim. This custom Waukesha glass home railing was installed by the best glass specialists, BGS Glass Service in 2008. The homeowners contacted BGS Glass Service for custom glass stair wall installation services with the goal to add a modern touch to the home. We met with the homeowners and provided various design options based on their budget and interior décor.

The homeowners are incredibly happy with their brand new glass stair wall, and will embrace it for many years. BGS Glass Service provides aesthetically appealing and long-lasting custom glass tabletops, cabinetsdoors and windows at great prices. We cut the glass to custom measurements and thicknesses, and offer a multitude of designs to suit the needs of every client. Call BGS Glass Service today at 262-513-2806 for custom glass railing services installation in Waukesha and throughout Wisconsin.