Waukesha Custom Glass Countertop Extension

Cracked Ice Custom Glass Tabletop

This photo features a beautifully constructed custom glass tabletop in Waukesha. BGS Glass Service helped these homeowners spice up their kitchen with this unique cracked ice design. The newly installed tabletop adds a non-traditional twist to typical glass tabletop designs. Although the glass appears to have been shattered, it is actually made of the strongest quality glass and will resist breaking as well as any conventional looking glass. The homeowners love their new glass tabletop and consider it the centerpiece of their kitchen.

BGS Glass Service provides the finest custom glass windows, tabletops mirrors and cabinet doors. We offer a variety of options in glass patterns, designs and colors to suit the style and budget of every home. Whether you’re looking for something subtle or truly unique, our custom glass selection is guaranteed to please. Call our Waukesha custom glass tabletop installation specialists today at 262-513-2806 for a free inspection and quote.