Mukwonago Custom Mirror Installation

Custom Cut Bathroom Mirror in Mukwonago

These homeowners wanted to redesign their bathroom countertop in Mukwonago with a custom cut bathroom mirror. The family did not want to spend a fortune on glass services and rightfully contacted BGS Glass. We discussed our various glass replacement options with these homeowners and provided them with a bathroom mirror to fit their exact needs. |

This newly installed mirror was precisely cut to fit the countertop and cabinet structure. Crafted with the latest, most innovative glass, this mirror will not wear as quickly as their previous mirror. BGS Glass in Mukwonago carries only the strongest, most high quality glass. This mirror has unbeatable reflective quality and will look like new for years. Guests will be impressed by their modern looking bathroom with this custom cut mirror. Whether you’re looking for glass installation or repair services for your bathroom, cabinets, or windows, BGS Glass covers it all.

Contact the Mukwonago mirror replacement experts from BGS Glass for a free quote, or Call at 262-513-2806.