Dual Oval Bathroom Mirrors Brookfield

Custom Mirror Installations

This homeowner was looking to spice up their bathroom with professional custom cut mirror replacement in Brookfield. The family contacted BGS Glass Service for expert glass installation at an affordable price. Our experts then provided them with a brand new bathroom mirror with premium functional and aesthetic quality. These oval bathroom mirrors are durable and stylish compared to the bathroom’s old mirrors. The Brookfield glass installation professionals put in mirrors to complement the marble countertop.

The new glass mirrors are built with the highest quality to last the family years to come. We provide homeowners throughout Wisconsin with a wide variety of mirror style options to match the interior décor of their home. BGS Glass Brookfield mirror installation specialists pay strict attention to detail while cutting our custom mirrors. Whether you need glass repair or custom bathroom mirror installation, BGS Glass Service has you covered.

Contact Brookfield custom mirror installation experts at BGS Glass for more information on our beautifully designed mirrors.