Waukesha Custom Cut Glass and Mirrors

Cabinet Glass

  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Florentine W01FL
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Granite W01G
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Hammered W01H
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Moss W01M
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Seedy W01S
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Seville W01SV
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Dewdrop W01D
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Single Glue Chip ZDR100
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Double Glue Chip ZDR100D
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Madera GL176
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Vegla Silvit GL178
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Winterlake Dreamy GL182
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Geo GL194
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - 1/2” Vegla Cross Reeded GL230
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spotlyte GL780
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Silesia GL830
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Artique S100A
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Barnwood S100BW
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Chord S100C
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Corsica S100CC
  • Waukesha cabinet Glass - Spectrum Corteza S100CZ
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Express Granite S100EG
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Granite S100G
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Ice Crystal S100GG
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Tafetta GL505
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Pilkinton Pelerine GL530
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Hammered S100H
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Small Hammered S100HS
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Quarter Reeded S100QR
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Ripple S100R
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Rainwater S100RW
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Satin Seedy S100SNS
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Sycamore GL560
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Autumn GL565
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Everglade GL570
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Mayflower GL575
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Oak Pattern GL592
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Vegla Narrow Reeded GL600
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Basketweave GL660
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Vasa Floreal GL760
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Masterligne GLML014
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Master Ray GLMR014
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass- Rivuletta GL0189R
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Kokomo Seedy Marine K33A
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Kokomo Granite K33G
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Kokomo Vertigo K33V
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Large Cracked Glass
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Seedy S100
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass- No Smudge Frost GL250
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Pilkinton Arctic GL525
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Hazy Vue Flemish GL340
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - ½” Slender Vue Reeded GL385
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Frosted Delta GL400F
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Baroque S100RM
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Rough Rolled S100RR
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Spectrum Satin S100SN
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - English Muffle E4901
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Double Glue Chip Domestic ZDR1000D
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Aerolite W01A
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Corella W01C
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Cube W01CU
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Flemish W01F
  • Images-Autumn-Autumn
  • Images-Bronze_Tint-B
  • Images-Bubbles-Bubbl
  • Images-Flame-Flame_2
  • Images-Flemish_Glaci
  • Images-Fluted-Fluted
  • Images-Glue_Chip-Gre
  • Images-Grey_Tint-Gre
  • Images-Low-iron_Opti
  • Images-Obscure-Obscu
  • Images-Rain_Niagra-R
  • Images-SatinDeco_Aci
  • Waukesha Shower Door Glass - Impresso GL123
  • Waukesha Cabinet Glass - 1/2” Austral Cross Reeded GL745
  • German New Antique Glass
    Waukesha Cabinet Glass - German New Antique GNA0189
  • Aquatex Patterned Glass
    Aquatex Cabinet Glass
  • Double Strength Cabinet Glass
    Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Double Strength Window Pane GL410
  • Clear Cabinet Glass
    Clear Glass
  • Chinchilla Textured Glass
    Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Chinchilla GL405
  • Wissmach Figure C Glass
    Waukesha Cabinet Glass - Wissmach Figure C W01FC

custom glass railing

Cut Glass for Cabinets, Table Tops, Shelves and More

Custom Designed Glass cut to Specs in SE Wisconsin

BGS Glass Service has your custom glass solution whether you need to replace your broken glass table top, you need a custom-cut piece of non-glare glass for your picture frame, or custom glass shelves installed in Milwaukee. We are your experienced glass craftsmen for all of your glass furniture needs. Our craftsmen and glass designers create the perfect look for each and every custom glass solution both large and small.

Looking for the perfect size and perfect shaped glass top to protect your living room table? BGS Glass Service can cut quality glass to specifications. Looking to install custom glass shelving in your oddly shaped wall space? We are here to help.

We have experience installing and creating:

  • Glass Partitions
  • Custom Mirrors
  • Decorative Wall Glass
  • Cabinet Glass
  • Custom Shelving
  • Glass Table Tops and Counter Tops
  • Glass Plate Switches and Outlet Covers

No matter the project or design space, standard beveled edges to unique custom shapes, the master glaziers at BGS Glass Service have the expertise to handle all things glass. We can cut quality glass to your exact specifications. We provide the Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Kenosha area with superior glass service, creative design and high quality workmanship, with great attention to detail.

If you need a custom-cut piece of glass, BGS wants to help! Contact us for pricing for your original glass ideas.

Milwaukee Custom Cut Mirror Glass and Expert Mirror Installation

glass shelf installation

More than just quality glass, our experienced glaziers also offer custom cut mirrors. If you want mirrored glass display cabinets or a designer mirror wall accent, or even custom vanity mirrors, BGS Glass Service can help design a mirror to meet your needs and exact specifications.

BGS Glass Service is able to supply custom mirrored cover plates, the perfect accent to your Milwaukee home’s decor. The addition of a mirrored accent piece can greatly transform a room. Adding a mirror to the wall can make the entire room look larger. Mirrored shelves or display cases enhance the content of a display. From design through installation, let our team handle your next project.

We will also provide your Southeastern Wisconsin business with custom-cut glass and mirror in all different sizes, styles, colors, and shapes to fit your needs. Our experts have you covered from  custom glass and mirror design concept to custom cut mirror and glass installation. Contact us today, or stop in our Waukesha window, door, mirror showroom to see all the different glass styles and colors BGS Glass Service has to offer.



Custom Cut Glass Table Tops for Milwaukee, Racine, and Kenosha

Custom Glass Table Tops Cut for Southeast Wisconsin Designers

BGS Glass Service does more than mirror and glass partition installation. Designers and Do-It-Yourselfers have called on us for custom cut glass counter tops since the late 1960’s. Whether you need a glass table top replacement or a custom cut piece for a special project we can find a unique, elegant solution.

Custom Cut Glass Table Tops Really are Custom

We offer standard shapes and sizes of glass table tops. Designers can choose from rectangular table tops, race track oval table tops, or somewhere in between. BGS Glass Services also custom cuts glass table tops to unique shapes, depending on client requests.

All of BGS’ custom cut glass table tops, standard sized or not, are available with a selection of edging cuts. Designers can choose from seamed edges, beveled polish finishes, or an Ogee polished edge for a unique shape, among many others.

Glass Shelves and Replacement Glass for CabinetsBroken Cabinet Glass

BGS Glass Services has a wide range of glass types and thicknesses for cabinet glass replacement and installation in Milwaukee. Whether you want replacement frosted cabinet glass in your curio cabinet or your corner cabinetry needs 1/4 inch tempered glass shelves, BGS Glass has the experience, skilled staff and prices you’re looking for.

BGS has a wide range of glass types to give your cabinets the look you want. If you’re going for a sleek and modern look in your kitchen, you can get a Satin Deco Acid Etch glass pane. Want a more rustic look for your china hutch glass? You could consider our Oak Pattern Glass. We have what you need.

Contact us to find out more about the glass options available to you, or to get a free quote on custom-cut cabinet glass.

What’s the Correct Glass Shelving Thickness for You?

There are many factors to consider when determining the appropriate glass thickness for your needs. Chief among them is assessing how much weight the shelf will be required to hold. The shelves’ dimensions, coupled with the width between its supports and the glass’s thickness will greatly affect the shelves support weight.  Another factor is the type of glass used.

For instance, a 24” x 6” shelf with 3/16” tempered glass and supports at each end should be able to support approximately 40 lbs.
In contrast, a shelf with the same dimensions and span between supports, but made with annealed glass at greater ¼” thickness, will struggle to hold 16 lbs.

BGS Helps You Determine the Right Shelving Type

Our glass installation experts will take the guesswork out of getting the right glass shelves for your application. We have generations of experience and understand the formula for getting you the best glass shelves to fit your needs.

Contact us for durable glass shelf installations in your Wisconsin home or business.

Unique Projects Require Unique Glass Cutting

While a majority of our business comes from commercial glass jobs or residential window installations, some of our favorite projects come from independent designers and homeowners. BGS Glass Service will work with you to develop a unique, custom cut piece of glass for your project; whether you’re designing a custom glass table base and are ready to finish your project, or you need to protect a piece of heirloom furniture.

Get pricing on a custom cut glass table top from BGS Glass Services today!

Contact BGS Glass Service for custom cut glass and all your Milwaukee replacement windows, doors, glass shower doors, and custom cut glass and mirror needs in Milwaukee County, Waukesha County, and throughout Southeastern Wisconsin.
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